Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Best Delphi Calendar Planner Component?

I current use a very out of date calendar/planner component in part of the software I develop. I have been looking for something to replace this and can only see 2 possible candidates:

  • DevExpress VCL Calendar
  • TMS Software TPlanner component.
Does anyone know of any other components, or have experience of these and can give advice on which is best?

The requirements for the component are:

  • Needs a month, week and day view, it is possible that this changes to just week view.
  • Different types of entries into the calendar, with different colours.
  • Single day view, with option to specify what is displayed in the header.
  • Need to dynamically create multiple instances of the calendar, or some way of displaying multiple calendars similar to MS Outlook.
  • Drag and drop functionality