Monday, 28 October 2013

Delphi XE5 - The quickest way C# developers can produce Apps

With Delphi XE5, a software developer can produce apps for both iOS and Android from the same code base. But which developers will want to do this?

If you are an iOS developer, it is most likely you are comfortable just developing app for Apple devices and that the company you work for employs Android developers for the Android version and vis versa. And you have no need or want to learn a new language to get the same results.

However, if you are a C# developer then Delphi XE5 might be the quickest way to develop Apps. I found moving from Delphi to C# very easy and after 1 day was developing C# web services. I also found it easy switching back to Delphi after using C# for some months.

So if you are a .Net developer then I would recommend you at least have a look at Delphi XE5.

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  1. What I wrote back in 2013 is now no longer the case. I believe that if you are a C# developer it is most likely you will use Xamarin. It might be worth looking at Delphi, however even as a Delphi developer I would use Xamarin.