Sunday, 6 September 2015

Slow code insight - How to improve

Over the past couple of weeks I've noticed my code insight has gone slow. It seemed to happen after about 10 minutes of using Delphi, and got slower and slower to a point even typing in a string took over 5 seconds per character. The following reasons could have been the cause for this:

  1. Something in Windows after an update is causing the issue. I believe this to be highly unlikely because all my other software works fine.
  2. The problem seemed to coincide with installing the latest version of Visual Studio Professional (2015). This again seems unlikely.
  3. Something specific to my current project is causing the problem. I think this is the most likely issue, other smaller projects work fine.
I did manage to improve the situation by turning off 'Error Insight' (red swiggle under error in code) in the code insight options. This feature was sometimes useful, but I also found it behaved strangely and reported errors in blank areas of code. I now have to restart Delphi every couple of hours instread of every 20 minutes.

I am still looking at how to improve the situation.

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